DPF Regeneration


Modern diesel cars are subject to strict emission limits. The Euro 5 standards now mean that every diesel car produced since 2009 must comply with the legislation and fit a Diesel Particulate Filter. Diesel Particulate Filters, also knows as DPFs, are devices designed to remove diesel particulate matter or soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. Whilst in theory Diesel Particulate Filters are a great idea, unfortunately the system can become blocked, causing a multitude of vehicle running problems.

Although DPFA’s are designed to burn off the soot, through processes known as Passive Regeneration and Active Regeneration, a range of factors can prevent these procedures from taking place. Much like your vacuum at home, the DPF filters need to be emptied and cleaned, which is why at Swansea Diagnostics we use the very latest in DPF cleaning technology to ensure that, where possible, you avoid the costly scenario of requiring a DPF replacement.

Common causes for complaint:

  • Frequent short journeys
  • Solely urban driving
  • Ignoring the DPF light

Our DPF cleaning process involves adding a cleaner straight to the filter and flushing out the excess deposits through the exhaust pipe. We then carry out a laptop controlled regeneration, before adding additives into the fuel tank.

These additives help to reduce the temperature that the natural regeneration processes require to occur and if used regularly, will help to prevent the need for future DPF cleaning.

DPF Regeneration

If you ignore the warning light and keep driving in a relatively slow, stop/start pattern soot loading within the filter will continue to build up until around 75%. Here you can expect to see other dashboard warning lights come on too. At this point driving at speed alone will not be enough for active or passive regeneration to occur, instead requiring a manual regeneration at a specialist DPF regeneration centre, such as ourselves.

DPF Replacement

Continued driving with the DPFA light on and without successful regeneration results in excessive soot loading of the DPF, to a level where it is above 95% loaded. At this point cleaning or regeneration is not an option and replacement of the DPF is necessary. If you have been advised to replace your DPF filter, please get in touch with us first. In some instances we can
clean the existing DPF, eradicating the need to purchase and fit a new filter, thus saving you hundreds of pounds. Call us to book an appointment for your car.