Electrical Fault Finding


Swansea Diagnostics in Swansea can assist with vehicle problems If you have a car with engine lights showing on the dashboard – this is a pretty strong indication that there are problems with your car/vehicle. At Swansea Diagnostics we use our expertise and experience along with the latest technology to locate theses troublesome issues. There can be many instances when fault lights may not be activated, however using our diagnostic programmes to check the functions in an on-board computer – this will enable detection of the underlying fault/issue.

Whether your engine makes a strange noise, or your car loses power whilst driving. Erasing DTCs can be completed by experienced diagnostics technicians, as well as fixing problems causing MILs to light, by tweaking or reconfiguring ECUs meaning part replacement is not needed, which makes it that repairing your vehicle doesn’t have to be as expensive. Car Vehicle engine diagnostic testing is needed for the the following reasons: All Vehicles manufactured and sold within the European Union and further afield have diagnostics equipment complying with EOBD which monitor vehicle emissions systems to maintain efficient fuel burning and allow professional diagnostics experts at established garages to identify vehicle system faults and complete part replacement if required.

We can identify diagnostics problems in all cars. We undertake the following services monitoring timing of ignition function, reading outputs from oxygen sensors, checking engine efficiency levels are optimum, checking responsiveness of electronic braking systems, testing control units for doors and sunroofs, using diagnostics equipment can get to the bottom of various car issues. Although your engine management indicators might not be on, things may not be right with your vehicle, which supports the reason for visiting a quality car diagnostic company based in Swansea who can address any issues and enable the vehicle problem to be solved. On board computers can control Consistent technological advances are always improving vehicles, with more functionality being controlled via on board computers. As a result, diagnostics are becoming more and more important when faults occur.

Electronic control units handle a wide range of functions, including sun roof control units and adaptive cruise control, control units for airbags and sensor clusters. Electronic controls often cover brake systems too, therefore to allow brakes to be serviced, it is necessary to release the calipers which mechanics using diagnostic equipment can also do. Engine tests and diagnostics are conducted by Swansea Diagnostics in South Wales to ensure correct functionality of engines. What does a mobile diagnostic analysis test? Swansea Diagnostics can check your car for a range of issues, from ensuring vehicle systems are running as they should to finding out when problems exist with vehicles.

From testing the engine Swansea Diagnostics offer specialist services across most well-known vehicle makes and models.